The Nouragues research station is part of the Ecology, Evolution and Interactions of Amazonian Ecosystems Laboratory (LEEISA), a support and research unit (UAR 3456) which brings together the CNRS, the University of French Guiana and Ifremer.

It is part of the overall scientific strategy of the CNRS Ecology and Environment.

The station benefits from competitive national and European investment programs. It is part of national and international scientific networks: the Réseau National des Stations d'Écologie Expérimentales (ReNSEE) of the CNRS Ecology and Environment, the analysis and experimentation research infrastructure on continental ecosystems (AnaEE-France and AnaEE-ERIC), the Centre d'Étude de la Biodiversité Amazonienne (Labex CEBA). It also participates in the research infrastructure OZCAR through SO-HYBAM. She actively contributes to international scientific projects: Biomass, Rainfor, GeoTrees.

Included in an area dedicated to research of 8 km x 10 km in the heart of the Nouragues Nature Reserve, the station maintains privileged links with the managers of the Reserve and with the socio-economic actors of the territory.

Scientific office

The Scientific office is responsible for assessing the scientific value of research projects submitted to the station, making recommendations on the implementation of these projects, and ensuring their consistency with overall scientific activities. The Scientific office is made up of three members: the LEEISA Director, the Scientific Director and the station's Scientific Coordinator. 

Nouragues research station

CNRS team

The Nouragues research station is run by a multidisciplinary team with scientific, technical and administrative responsibilities.

The Executive direction is responsible for human resources management and administrative and financial management.

The Scientific direction's mission is to develop the scientific strategy, evaluate projects, provide regulatory support, external communication & representation in scientific networks.

The Technical direction is responsible for logistical planning, infrastructure and equipment maintenance, prevention and safety, welcoming scientists to the station and scientific monitoring. 

Executive direction

Antoine Gardel

SINCE 2023 - Research Manager
Director, LEEISA

Marie-Christine Michel

SINCE 2023 - Assistant engineer
General Secretary of LEEISA

Sophie Ménager

SINCE 2022 - Assistant engineer
Manager of the Nouragues station

Scientific direction

Jerome Chave

SINCE 2007 - Research Director
Scientific Director
Research Director, EDB Laboratory (Toulouse)

Elodie Schloesing

SINCE 2022 - Research engineer
Scientific coordinator

Technical direction

Cyril Gaertner

SINCE 2024 - Design engineer
Technical Manager

Patrick Chatelet

SINCE 2000 - Assistant engineer
Station referent
Prevention assistant

Richard Francioly

SINCE 2023 - Technician
Station referent
Workshop manager

Bran The Dish

SINCE 2015 - Technician
Station referent
Carpenter & Infrastructure

Gaëtane Teurtrie-Quentel

SINCE 2023 - Technician
Station referent
Unmanned aircraft manager