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SIReG Program: Support for Research Initiatives in French Guiana

SIReG program: Support for Research Initiatives in French Guiana.

The principle of the SIReG program is to support scientific research in French Guiana by offering transport to the station from Cayenne on places that remain free from our logistical rotations. The program is aimed at any member of the academic community of French Guiana (established or contract researchers, doctoral students, research engineers, etc.) who wishes to discover the Nouragues and/or extend their research activities to an isolated tropical forest site . This program encourages naturalistic observations, projects focused on sampling or data collection with minimalist equipment (roughly equivalent to 1 large hiking bag per person). In particular, it supports initiatives in line with the challenges facing Guiana, such as biodiversity conservation, sustainable resource management, the fight against infectious diseases, etc.

The selection of candidates is based on the scientific value that access to the station brings to each project, and on the logistical feasibility of implementation. Successful candidates are provided with transportation from Cayenne, paid for out of the station's operating funds. Accommodation at the station is €30/night/person, regardless of academic status. 

Opportunities are announced on an ad hoc basis throughout the year, about two months in advance, depending on the number of vacancies left on our logistics rotations.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact the station's scientific coordinator :

Nouragues Travel Grants aims to facilitate access to the station for national and international scientists from all disciplines. Projects are evaluated by a scientific committee. Selections are based on criteria including excellence, publication potential and project feasibility. Financial support covers mission costs, including air travel, accommodation in Cayenne, transport to the station and on-site accommodation.

Future opportunities will be announced on this page. Stay tuned to our social networks: