Links with the Nouragues Nature Reserve

The Nouragues research station, managed by the CNRS, is located in the heart of the Nouragues National Nature Reserve , co-managed by the GEPOG association and the ONF .

The Réserve Naturelle des Nouragues was created in 1995, initially to protect the environment from anthropic pressures and to enable scientific research to take place in optimal conditions.
Today, the Nouragues Nature Reserve protects 105,800 hectares of forest. It is the largest terrestrial nature reserve in France. Its mission is to protect and scientifically monitor its area, and to integrate it into the life of the region.

Since 2011, the CNRS, ONF and GEPOG have established a partnership agreement to promote the biodiversity of the Nouragues, popularize the scientific missions carried out in situ and raise public awareness of the need to protect Amazonian flora and fauna.