Know-how and environment

Full logistics support

The station provides complete logistical support on all essential aspects (transport, energy, drinking water, internet access, food supplies and small consumables, etc.) to free scientists from the practical challenges of the isolated tropical environment and allow them to fully dedicate their energy looking. On site, the groups live in a community spirit by sharing the preparation of collective meals and maintaining the hygiene of living spaces. 

The station has research infrastructure and equipment in the heart of the forest, including two equipped laboratories (air conditioning, oven, freezer, etc.) and two meteorological stations. Instrumentation equipment can be made available on request depending on availability (lidar, camera traps).

Material list : Infrastructure and equipment.xlsx. Contact us to check availability.

The CNRS staff at the station are qualified to offer tree climbing services, drone piloting and the use of terrestrial lidar.

The environment around the station is free from the risk of anthropogenic degradation, which allows long-term data recording devices to be left safe.

The CNRS staff at the station supports each project in the regulatory processes necessary for conducting scientific research on French territory (space regulations and protected species, use of animals for scientific purposes).

Arborists, field naturalists, drone pilots, professional cooks, based in French Guiana offer their services to support projects and complement the expertise of external research teams.

The station regularly collaborates with several of them (non-exhaustive list): NOURAGUES-Reseau-collaborateurs-qualifies_update_may2024