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Access and accommodation rates


The Nouragues research station is only accessible by canoe or helicopter. The Inselberg site can only be reached by helicopter from Cayenne (30 minutes) or on foot from the Pararé site (4 hours walk). The Paparé site is accessible by helicopter from Cayenne (30 minutes) or by 5 hours by canoe from the village of Régina, itself a 2 hour drive from Cayenne. The PK9-Nouragues helicopter journey (15 min) is only possible after a first Cayenne-Nouragues flight because there is no helicopter permanently stationed at PK9.

A maximum of twenty-five people can stay at the Inselberg camp and a maximum of 20 people at the Pararé camp. Each site is equipped with dormitories, showers, toilets, work spaces, a kitchen with dry, frozen, canned food and fresh produce. Each site provides solar and thermal electricity, limited internet (no video or large files), satellite communication and an emergency pharmacy.